Reversible Custom Word Gemstone Bracelet

  • $108.00
Reverse Side Pattern

Set your intention and wear this bracelet as a daily reminder of your aspiration. Each silver bar is reversible, handmade with your chosen word or name on one side, and a pattern on the other. The words and pattern are colorfully patined and create a one-of-a-kind design. Silver or copper filigree beads set the stage for four gemstones specifically chosen to complement your theme. Options include Clarity, Kindness, Gratitude, Dream, Courage, Love, Laugh, Faith, Forgive, Harmony, Hope, Peace, Trust. Or choose your own (up to 10 characters total). A silver magnetic bead closure makes it easy to wear.

Bracelets are made with genuine semi-precious gemstones/crystals; silver-plated, gold-plated, copper, or bronze accent beads.
Magnetic silver-plated bead closure. Each item is hand made to order.

Each bracelet is completely customized. First, choose your word from the list provided, or click "Custom." Then choose the pattern for the reverse side of the silver bar. Under "Personalization" you will indicate the following:

1. All bracelets are one size, 7 1/2” long to fit an average wrist size of 6-7”. If your wrist is bigger or smaller, note below. Measure wrist just above joint around bones.
2. Custom word or name. Indicate your word or name here (must be under 10 characters). Also indicate if you would like the word in all caps, or combination of capital and lowercase letters.
3. Gemstones will be chosen by me to specifically support your word. If your word isn't completely clear, such as "abundance," put more details here (what type of abundance?). Also, if you would like gemstones to support other physical healing, put that request here too (gemstones can help with various physical ailments. Be specific, and I'll do the best I can to include gemstones to also support your physical healing). Here is also where you can put your preference for specific gemstones to complement a name.
4. As indicated above, gemstones will be chosen to support the theme of the bracelet. If you have favorite color(s) you'd like me to try to include, indicate that here, and I will do my best to include those colors.

As this is a custom order, there are no returns on this product.

Please note that because all gemstones are natural, sizes and color may vary slightly from the photo, and that props in photos are not included with purchase.