ELEMENT: Water Pendant

  • $388.00

Water governs the soul, represents creation/creativity, renewal, clarity, and intuition. Find your inner-peace and help use Water to create new projects and adventures!

This flowing Sterling Silver pendant features a unique centerpiece of Chrysocolla and Malachite, a rare and unique mineral combination, which is reminiscent of ocean waves. Gemstone “bubbles” include Moonstone (a stone of new beginnings, soothes stress and balances the hormonal system), Labradorite (stimulates intuition, energizes the imagination) Angelite (stone of awareness, heightens compassion) and Unakite (stone of vision, facilitates rebirthing).

The Spiral symbol represents the consciousness of nature beginning from the core and expanding outwardly, and the connected triangular accents are one of the many Native American symbols for water.

This pendant is approximately 4-1/8” (114mm) long, by 1-3/4” (44mm) wide and weighs 21g. The gemstones are genuine, but may be dyed and/or stabilized. It is best worn on a neck ring, sold separately.

Chakra: Sacral Chakra. Direction: West. Zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces.

Stones have natural variations, so you may not receive the exact stone pictured.

Add on a necklace:

Multi-strand steel and silver neck wire: Friction clasp (a long, curved tube on one end that slides into an opposing tube and stays in place with a snug fit.) 18 inches long, .5mm twisted steel wire core for added strength- $88

Sterling Silver Flat-Wire neck ring: 2.7mm wide, hanging length of 18 inches, 14.7g- $78