Dreaming Meditation/Fidget Spinner Ring

  • $158.00
Ring size

Enhance your creativity and follow your dreams with Dreaming, a dreamcatcher-inspired spinner ring. An inner copper ring spins around an outer ring of textured sterling silver. The stamped feather design enhances creativity, assists in new adventures, and helps navigate change on your journey.

Each item is hand made to order. Please note that props in photos are not included with purchase.

Width of outer silver ring is 1/2”, inner copper ring is 3/8”.

To determine your ring size, use one of the following methods:
- Cut a strip of paper about ½”(13mm) wide and several inches long. Wrap the strip around the largest knuckle (usually the middle knuckle) of your finger. Mark the place where the paper meets. Measure the distance between the mark you have made and the edge of the paper in MILLIMETERS. Match closest CIRCUMFERENCE measurement to determine ring size.
- Print out the photo of the ring size chart TO SCALE (use your ruler to measure the scale ruler on the photo to make sure they match). Match a circle with the inside of your ring to find your size.
When in doubt, order one size up.